Imagine being wrongly judged as someone who is over the top, rebellious, and illogical when it comes to evidence-based decision making.

Just imagine what that can do to your self-esteem.

Have you ever felt like you’re getting nowhere with people who don’t understand you or your true nature?

Do you tend to just know things, but don’t always know how you know what you know? Do people often mistake your passion and energy for exaggeration and amplification?

Don’t let those unenthusiastic people drag you down.

You are passionate about life.

You are a big picture thinker.

All you want to do is to make a difference in the world.

You naturally tend to future-proof scenarios – it’s what you’re good at!

You come up with ideas months (sometimes years) ahead of their time, and the constant disappointment you feel when others finally get on board with those ideas far too late can be draining and demoralising.

Why don’t people get you?

Why are you constantly misunderstood?

Human beings are wired to interpret the world around them via their conditioning, values and beliefs as well as their expectations and assumptions.

With as many interpretations as there are people on the planet, no wonder you are often left thinking things like, “I just want people to listen to me! I know what I’m doing but so much time is wasted with egos getting in the way.”

What happens is, most of the people you meet are going to misunderstand you, and that’s frustrating, right?

Those who don’t quite get your out-going, quick-witted, ingenious imagination will often label you as incapable or unpredictable.

This perception is wrong!

You are capable and you do follow strategic thinking processes, you just don’t get stuck in the detail.

This is both a strength and a weakness.

Your way of thinking is ‘Find a Solution’ and ‘Make it Happen’ – glass half full!

But unfortunately, not everyone else lives the same way…

So in order to get your point across and to cut out the stress, you must first understand your dominant communication nature.

You are a creative person and more importantly – a Purple Dot (Visionist).

Purple Dots visualise and interpret the world differently to everyone else. Their understanding and interaction with the world and the people in it, often plagues others with frustration.


Purple Dots are naturally big thinkers.

They think and communicate in abstract terms, often finding it difficult to convey their point, if in fact they have one.

Purple Dots work out their ideas through conversation – in other words, they tend to talk a lot.

And to the other three communication natures – (Yellow Dots, Red Dots, and Blue Dots), this can be hard to handle.

So how can you take the stress out of being misunderstood by those who communicate differently to you?

You know the answer is simple, right?

You must help others understand what makes you tick, and how to deal with your uniqueness.

And to do so, you must first slightly alter the way in which you approach them.

This is easily done with the ‘Dots Precognitive Communication’ techniques.

Dots focuses on the natural strengths and hidden talents of each of the four communication natures.

This enables people to determine which of the communication natures other people are operating from and then deliver their ideas and vision so that they can be interpreted and understood.

Often, we fall into a trap of wrongly believing that nobody is listening to us. The reality is, unless we deliver our communication in the specific style the other person needs, they simply cannot and will not hear us.

From time-to-time we find we miraculously come in contact with someone of the same communication nature to us and this hit-and-miss situation reinforces the idea that ‘some people’ just don’t get us.

So what is the answer?

Discover how to enhance your natural strengths while communicating in a way in which everyone can understand you.

Find out how by taking advantage of our revolutionising online training now (it’s free!).

And know this: You can easily miss the mark and fail when you are misunderstood by others. You need a supportive and nurturing environment in which to thrive.

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