Here’s the problem…

Not learning to trust your true feelings may be ruining your life.

Have you ever had a bad feeling about someone, but you weren’t sure whether to trust it or not? Maybe a situation cropped up that just didn’t feel right, but you weren’t sure why, or whether you were just being paranoid?

Well trust me, you’re not.

“Never discredit your true feelings. You are not being paranoid. Your body can pick up on bad vibrations. If something deep down inside of you says something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.” Unknown.

If you aren’t sure about this, let me tell you about a dear friend of mine who learnt this the hard way…

This friend (Dave), after 9 years of marriage, was starting to develop a bad feeling about his relationship. It was fleeting at first, like a forgotten ember in the fire place slowly burning away, barely noticeable, until it started to glow.

He began to pick up on things, little things, like the way she didn’t hug him as tightly (if at all anymore), or how she started to drift away from him, putting more effort into other people, other more important things. He started to pick up on a different vibe she gave off when she was around, like she wasn’t really there even though she was physically standing in front of him.

But he told himself it was nothing, it would blow over. He loved her, and they would make it work. And boy did he do everything he could to try make that happen.

But what he realised after two long years of avoiding that persistent sinking feeling in his heart, was that his true feelings weren’t lying. She wasn’t in love with him anymore, and hadn’t been for some time. No matter what either of them did, it was just the ‘what-so’.

He tried his best to ignore her faulty behaviour (the darkening remarks, the absence from their home, the spending time with new ‘male friends’ without him), all because he didn’t want to jeopardise their relationship.

But in the end, his true feelings were right.

True feelings never lie.

So ask yourself – does this sound like you?

Are you the kind of person who seldom misses anything important because you naturally tune in to your surroundings on a feeling level? Do you communicate with yourself and the world based on how things feel to you?

Do you sometimes need time to get a feel for whether or not you agree with a decision, or a person?

If so, you might be what we call – a Blue Dot.

What is a Blue Dot, you ask?

Well, let me explain…

There are only four different communication styles in the world, and they are each differentiated by a colour (the four coloured DOTS – Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue). Most of us will have a fraction of each Dot in our communication style, but there will be one style that you are most dominant in. It is the communication style that you are used to, so it comes naturally to you.

So most of the time you will go through life expecting everyone else to communicate the same way as you… but that is not actually the case.

Have you ever thought that treating others the way you want to be treated is the right way to go?

Turns out – it’s not.

Actually, it seems that everyone likes to be treated quite differently. And in order to get along with people better, you must treat them how THEY would like to be treated. Because, chances are, it will be different to you.

So coming back to Blue Dots…

People of this type tend to be caring, friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic, affectionate, articulate and tactful, highly empathetic but easily hurt. They are productive, organised and responsible people.

As a Blue Dot, if you can learn to trust your feelings about people, you can detect whether you’re being lied to or used. This is why it is so important learn to trust your instincts and how you really feel about a person, a situation – or anything!

If you feel like you might have some Blue Dot in you, be aware that life can become stressful when you allow people to overrule your feelings.

If you are a Blue Dot you need to learn how to trust your true feeling nature, because you are vulnerable in another person’s mental ballpark and your true feelings never lie.

So how can you learn to trust your true feelings?

It’s simple!

By discovering more about your true nature (your Dots), what makes you tick, and why you think and act the way you do, you can learn to differentiate your true feelings from those around you, and how to cope with them.

If you feel like discovering more about this and what makes you tick, you can do so now by taking our free online training on our home page.

And remember – trust yourself, your true feelings never lie.


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