Having read the Sydney Morning Herald article – Is Workplace technology making us lose the human touch in the office? I find myself asking the question…

Is the art of face-to-face to communication being lost as we bury ourselves in our phones and tablets?

Look at public transport commuters during any rush hour. Everywhere you see eyes focused on little screens or staring, unfocused out a window as music throbs through tiny earphones.

People are disconnecting from each other.

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald highlights why people are looking for solutions to this problem. I suppose this is why people are flocking to our DOTS Communication courses to learn how to engage effectively in conversation, with work colleagues, clients and customers.

Think of it as learning a lost art.

People come to our DOTS communication courses to better understand why people think and act the way they do. They readily admit they need to up-skill in order to have those challenging conversations (where there is a potential for your message to be misinterpreted) or to acknowledge a staff member who has excelled at a task.

Face-to-face conversations can be stressful.

Just as you wear a seat-belt in your car on the off chance you have a crash, the DOTS tool prepares you for when a face-to-face conversation is required (and using technology as a medium just wont cut it).

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