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About DOTS

What is DOTS?

Have you ever wondered why some people are easier to talk to than others? Perhaps you would like to be better at tackling challenging conversations with difficult people? Or maybe, you just wonder why some people are the way that they are, and why they think and act in different ways to you? Most of us have had times in our lives where our communication was misinterpreted or misunderstood. When we understand how our communication is received and processed by the recipient, we become more effective in our work. This is why we offer DOTS Precognitive Communication training.

How Does It Work?

DOTS is a simple, effective, and fun communication course where you will discover why people think and act the way they do, and how to speak to people the way they want to be spoken to. You will learn about each of the communication natures (the DOTS) which we are all made up of, yet we are more dominant in some than others.

The four communication styles (DOTS) are:


Purple DOT



Yellow DOT






Blue DOT



We all posses a combination of these styles, and communicate accordingly.

What Sets Dots Apart From Other Training?

DOTS is a simple yet effective solution for any type of business – from suits to boots! The training is easily understood, enjoyed, practiced & implemented into any business with ease.

What Is Precognitive Communication?

Precognitive communication is the study of the way each of us process our thoughts. It is now widely accepted that effective communication is what makes a company, department or organisation, successful in terms of profitability, business growth and improved staff morale. David Dickson, a research journalist, spent twenty years researching and analysing the communication techniques used throughout the world. David concluded that many psychometric tests were too complicated and that, actually, there are only four communication types in use. For ease, and to help us remember, David assigned each communication type, a coloured dot.

Don’t Delay. Get Dotted and experience communication breakthroughs with all those people that really matter in your life.

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