Colin Grainger

Based in Sydney, Australia

Colin has a vision; To teach people the art of effective communication in order to bring about more harmonious business and personal relationships. Too often, Colin has seen the consequences when a challenging conversation has unexpected outcomes when someone assumes, expects or demands something of the other person.

Why did Colin become a Dots facilitator?

“DOTS calls to me in a way no other training has ever done. It is so SIMPLE! Once you are DOTTED you can never be un-Dotted. It becomes a way of communicating and you are then able to really understand why people think and act the way they do. Cold calling new clients, dealing with ‘challenging’ people and knowing my very own communication needs, has meant I have live a stress-less life. If I, through my DOTS training, can prevent or eliminate arguments between strangers, workplace bullying or domestic violence incidents, then my purpose in life is fulfilled.”

Favourite quote – “It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission.” – Grace Hopper

My Personal Order Is

Colin’s dominant communication style (Dot) is Blue – Sensationist. So what you can expect from Colin is, he is kind, caring, highly productive and likes to get the job done! His dominant Blue style is followed closely by Red – Rationalist which means he also likes to get straight to the point, and appreciates great value for money.

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