How to identify a Red Dot…

Quiet, practical dresser, often communicates in bullet points. Listen for the words “I think”.

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About Red Dots

This type tend to be cautious and thoughtful, hesitant until they know people well then can be affectionate and caring, very literal and aware of the physical world, uncompromising about personal standards and diligent and conscientious, organised and decisive.

Red Dots need the  in any communication

What Makes Them Tick?

This type needs the ‘where’ of any situation or idea. They must be given the facts (the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth). If they say they will finish a project on time then they will. If you provide them with too little information, they will respond by doing the same thing to you.

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Want To Impress?

Respect is the key for this nature. A sincere thank you is appropriate. Buy them a gift such as a gift voucher, petrol voucher, a meal out, etc. Ensure they are able to choose for themselves where they spend the windfall.

Getting Along With The Red Dot

  • They have a logical approach to life. Becoming emotional will likely cause them to ignore you.
  • Make sure you have some facts to base your discussion on.
  • Let them know that they are respected and that you are seeking a “win/win” resolution.
  • Get straight to the point .
  • Do not lie or make excuses to this type. They might say nothing at the time but they will never forget or fully trust you again.

Most importantly – The most important thing to this type is living a stable, predictable life and helping people in real ways.

Are You A Red DOT?

If you are high in Red you have a deeper understanding of what life is about, but have very little time for details. Your thinking comprises of words, phrases, and uncluttered ideas. When you stick to your own ideas, your projects are more successful. You tend to be creative with your solutions to problems. This is because you like original ideas and actions, rather than traditional ones. Sometimes you will hear music inside your mind, or hear a small, still, clear voice providing you with a solution you have been searching for. At other times, you may hear a particular sound that has meaning for you, or which gives you an understanding about what is happening in your life. People who are strong in their Red Dot nature tend to be good leaders because they have the ability to give clear, simple directions that others can easily follow. Many of history’s great generals have been strong in this nature because of their ability to direct in a concise manner. The Red Dot type will never give up because they know there is always a way to accomplish the goal. People whose Red Dot part is highly developed have a tremendous inner drive to be successful. They also have great inner respect for themselves and others, provided the others have respect for themselves also.

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