Do you know the pain behind being a visionist?

Has anyone ever told you you’re too clever for your own good?

Ever been called a bit of a “know-it-all”? Perhaps you’ve even been a tad rebellious in your time?

Is your optimistic, innovative brilliance often misunderstood by others who you feel are not quite on your level?

Do you try to see the brighter side of life, always looking for what’s next but often get held back by less enthusiastic cynicism from those around you?

Frustrating isn’t it?

Here you are ready to go, ready to conquer the world, bursting with new ideas and better ways to do things yet no one is quite ready to jump on board with you.

Hardly much fun right?

Turns out life can get quite lonely for the Visionist type because you are so unique it is often hard for others to understand who you really are and how your mind works…

As a Visionist (Purple DOT) you are the most misunderstood of the four communication styles and this is at the root of much of your frustration with the world around you.

Because of your unique style, you may even go through life being made to feel ‘different’ or that there is something wrong with you because you’re not the same as everyone else.

But that’s what makes you – you!

Others may try to force you to be more like them, to act like the ‘norm’, to dress and behave appropriately, to do what you’re told and not to question authority.

I can tell you that they will constantly try to put walls around you because they don’t quite understand you.

They don’t get where your outside-the-box thinking comes from, how you know what you know and where you get your endless energetic nature from.

They simply can’t fathom why you talk so much, why you don’t care if your space is a mess, or your ability to get whisked away by the slightest distraction is ever constant because you’re often off onto the next adventure before the current one is even finished.

You may even be day-dreaming about something else right now…

But that’s OK because I can tell you that as a Visionist you are in a league of your own.

You’re not meant to ‘fit the norm’, you’re meant to break through it.

You’re meant to question things, to find new ways of improving the world that no one else would’ve even thought of yet.

To the untrained eye you may come across as disorganised chaos, but as a Visionist this is just how you work.

Please believe me when I say – you’re not meant to be like them.

It’s OK to be different because if we were all the same life would be pretty boring wouldn’t it?

I mean, why would you want to be like anyone else?

You’re brilliant as you are!

But I know it can be painful at times because going through life constantly feeling different is never easy.

And unfortunately when people don’t understand something or someone, they will often try to criticize them.


The thought of this breaks my heart because how can one person ever try tell someone else what they are or aren’t capable of?

All we can ever do is make assumptions, form opinions or cast judgments on what we think someone else might be able to achieve, but no one can ever really know the capabilities of anyone else but themselves.

And even that is sometimes not true because how often have you been known to surprise even yourself by breaking your own perceived limitations when you really put your mind to something?

So as painful as it can be, please don’t ever let anyone else try to stifle your inner genius.

You are unique.

You are brilliant in your own right.

You will never merely be ‘normal’ because you are destined for greatness.

So do yourself a favour and surround yourself with people as excited about life as you are.

And share this message with the people in your life so that they can start to appreciate your unique brilliance.


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