What makes a team work together well?

Is it their environment?

Their leader?

Their resources?

Or perhaps a combination of all of the above?

I can tell you these are definitely supporting factors in creating an effective team, but there is something else that you can do which makes successful team building a whole lot easier…

You see being surrounded by a thriving environment, an inspiring leader and supportive resources are all great things to have, but they don’t necessarily create a great team.

For example – on a Rugby field it is important that:

  • the weather is ideal,
  • the grass is just right,
  • the temperatures aren’t too extreme,
  • the coach is motivating,
  • the players shoes are the right fit and
  • the ball is the right size.

But these factors aren’t the only things that make a winning team.

In fact, even without all of these ideals, a team can still win the game if they know how to play together effectively.

If the team knows how to relate to each other, what their strengths and weaknesses are and how to best work together, they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

In order for a team to function well, they must first understand each other clearly.

And one of the easiest ways to help them do that is with Precognitive Communication Training.

Put simply – it’s basically training your team to understand the four different styles of communication, and how to quickly identify they ways that other people want to be treated in order to get along with them better.

It’s helping them relate to the people around them, figure out how they each want to be dealt with, and communicate with them in their preferred style of communication (their DOT – see more about the four DOTS here).

So what exactly is Precognitive Communication and why is it important?

Precognitive: before thought.

Precognitive Communication: the study of the way we process our thoughts.

It’s the art of quickly and accurately predicting someone’s likely thinking and behavioural strategies.

Or in simpler terms – it’s getting trained in the art of knowing how your words will be received by someone, before you even start talking.

A very handy skill to have, right?

The reason why this training helps build such effective teams so easily is because it breaks down the silos in any environment – the barriers that prevent effective communication.


And the reasons these barriers appear to begin with is because we are all different, and we all like to be treated a little differently. So sometimes we can find it hard to relate to other people and in order to protect ourselves – we put up a barrier.

So quite often we see teams that are not performing at their best, simply because they are all working in silos.

They’re all protecting their own interests.

It becomes everyone for themselves, and team members refuse to see other people’s point of view or contributions because they’re too busy doing things their own way.

And then what happens is they stop trying to relate to other people, and start trying to make everyone relate to them instead.

They become what we call “precognitively biased”.

They go around treating everyone how they want to be treated themselves.

That old saying – “treat others how you wish to be treated”.

But the problem with this is, not everyone likes to be treated the same way that you do.

So if you go around treating everyone how you like to be treated – you’re bound to piss some people off from time to time.

But if you train yourself and your team in the art of Precognitive Communication, problems like this are easily overcome.

Once you have participated in this training you are able to:

  • reduce conflict easily,
  • grow the strengths of your team
  • improve productivity and team culture,
  • understand what stresses you and how to de-stress more easily,
  • create a thriving team who understand each other and how to best work together.

And the great thing is that once this happens, the flow-on effect is endless.

The skills learnt in this training flow out to all areas of your life. With your customers, clients, family members, friends, partner and so on.

How does it work?

The first step is understanding your own unique communication style (your DOT) and how it colours all of your conversations. Once you know that, we will then show you how easy it can be to determine the preferred communication style of the people you meet (how they want to be spoken to) by the way they are dressed, certain words they use etc. so that you are more successful in getting your message across the right way – every time.

And all this is possible in a mere few hours.

In just one day of training, your team will understand each other in a way in which they never have before.

Not only that, they’ll know how to get along with anyone they meet – whether it’s at home, at work, in the street – anywhere!

But don’t just take our word for it – check out what others had to say about it here.

If you would like to transform the capabilities of your team, get in touch as I’d love to hear more about what you do and how I can help.


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