This is a personal message from our coach Melissa on what we can learn from death.

Death seems to come in waves through my life.

In the space of 1 year I’ve experienced more of it than I have in the last 10 which seems strange but it makes me even more grateful for what I’ve “got”.

The people I love, the animals I care for, and the life that I live.

There are a lot of people hurting out there, missing loved ones, saying goodbyes, and reminiscing on lives that have been lived.

I feel for you all and in reflection on my walk this morning I wrote some words I hope you’ll find love from…

All we really have in this world is right now.

We no longer have yesterday,

We don’t yet have tomorrow,

All we can ever really “have” is right now.

Not this day,

Nor this hour,

Or even this next minute,

But this very moment.

Right now.

That’s it.

Just this moment,

And this moment,

And… you get it, right?

No matter how much we cling to our hopes, our dreams, or our expectations of how life is going to turn out, none of it is ever guaranteed.

There is no such thing as true certainty.

Because life is so beautifully and terrifyingly unexpected.

Every moment is fleeting.

Time is passing by every second whether we want it to or not.

We can’t pause the good times or fast forward the bad.

We can’t undo mistakes, take back spoken words or seize opportunities that have passed.

We can’t change what has happened, nor can we control what exactly will happen next.

We can hope for the future, but we must be able to adapt as things change.

Because shit happens.

Good shit, bad shit, awesome shit and unexpected shit, we never really know what shit will happen until it happens.

So what we can do?

Be here in this moment.

This exact moment.

Because that’s all we ever really “have”.

So look around at where you are right now and ask yourself the question:

“What will I do with this moment?”

What can you do right now to make this moment a good one?

No matter how big or small, what can you do in this very moment to make the most of what you’ve got?

Whether that’s booking a flight, telling someone you love them, pouring a cup of tea, or taking a deep breath and cracking a smile for no reason other than the fact that you’re alive and here in this moment.

Just please make the most of this moment any way you can.

Because this moment is precious.

And for now, it’s all you really have.

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