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About DOTS

What is DOTS?

DOTS Precognitive Communication is an advanced skill-set and highly effective tool that is revolutionising the way the world communicates! It is a simple, effective and fun course that up-skills individuals and teams in the art of effective communication using precognitive behaviour techniques. It equips you with practical tools and skills for influencing others, including the ability to connect with anyone in a matter of seconds.

How Does It Work?

The DOTS training can be learnt individually or as a group (up to 100 people at a time) in a matter of hours and will give you skills to last a lifetime! The training is easily understood, enjoyed and is able to be applied to everyday situations immediately. Our life-changing courses will open up your world to a new way of thinking and interacting with others. You will learn about each of the communication styles (the DOTS) which we are all made up of, yet we are more dominant in some than others.

The four communication styles (DOTS) are:


Purple DOT



Yellow DOT






Blue DOT



We all posses a combination of these styles, and communicate accordingly.

What Sets DOTS Apart From Other Training?

The DOTS training doesn’t just teach you more about yourself (although self-discovery is included), it takes this discovery to a new level and teaches you how to deal with everyone else, which is an incredibly valuable skill-set that will greatly enhance all areas of your life and work.

What Is Precognitive Communication?

Precognitive communication is the study of the way each of us process our thoughts. It is now widely accepted that effective communication is what makes a company, department or organisation, successful in terms of profitability, business growth and improved staff morale. David Dickson, a research journalist, spent twenty years researching and analysing the communication techniques used throughout the world. David concluded that many psychometric tests were too complicated and that, actually, there are only four communication types in use. For ease, and to help us remember, David assigned each communication type, a coloured dot.

Don’t Delay. Get Dotted and experience communication breakthroughs with all those people that really matter in your life.

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