Melissa Grainger

Based in Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia

I’m a director, a speaker, communications leader and coach with a passion for helping people in real ways. Coming from a background and degree in communication, I am highly experienced in the areas of customer service, team engagement and communications, having been a senior Communications Manager in a large organisation, I have a real passion for fostering great communication and culture within organisations.

Why did Melissa become a Dots facilitator?

“Why have I joined the DOTS team? Because out of everything I have been involved with in my life, helping others seems to be the most rewarding work I’ve done. Being able to communicate well with everyone you meet (not just the ones you get along with), to be understood, and to be able to respond in a way that others understand is a skill that is quite often unrecognised and under-valued, but has the ability to change a persons life (and those around them).

If I can help organisations and individuals to change their world through the way they communicate, then I’m doing a job worth working for.” 

Favourite quote – “You can change your world by changing your words.” – Joel Osteen.

My Personal Order Is

Melissa’s dominant communication style (Dot) is Blue – Sensationist. So what you can expect from Melissa is, she is highly empathetic, caring, productive, and enjoys working closely with people. Her dominant Blue style is followed closely by Red – Rationalist which means she will also get straight to the point, she is honest, fair, and loves a good bargain!

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