Transform Your Team with DOTS Training

Unlock Effective Communication and Optimise Your Team’s Potential with DOTS. Our revolutionary training not only empowers your team to communicate effectively with one another, customers, and clients, but also equips your management team with a deep understanding of their staff’s needs, strengths, and strategies for maximizing return on investment.
Want To Build High Performing Teams And People?


Empower Your Team with the DOTS Advantage

This training will give your team practical tools and skills that will not only teach them more about themselves, but also how to get along with and influence everyone around them. DOTS is a simple yet effective solution for any type of business – from suits to boots! The training is easily understood, enjoyed, practiced & implemented into any business with ease. In just a few hours, your team will gain an advanced set of people skills in a fast paced training environment where the learning sticks!

What Do All The DOTS Mean?

DOTS training identifies and enhances the strengths of your team, and brings understanding to everyone’s differences. Discover the gifts and challenges of each of the DOTS you work with every day…


Purple DOT


energetic, creative, and come up with great ideas


Yellow DOT


are detail focused and make things look great




get straight to the point and tend to assume command


Blue DOT


show empathy and get things done


What Will The DOTS Training Do For Your Team?

Improve Customer Service – Give your team the skills to connect with clients, customers, colleagues (anyone) successfully in a matter of minutes.

Increase Productivity – People will work to their strengths and appreciate the strength of others and as a result your meetings and projects will be more effective.

Reduce Staff-Turnover – Understand the unique needs of your team and determine the correct way to show them appreciation that will save you time, money and effort when you get it right.

Reduce Conflict – Enhance your team’s ability in dealing with ‘challenging people’ by providing clarity and understanding around miscommunication and frustration.

Enhance Team Dynamics – Foster an environment for high performing teams and people – your team culture will thrive.

Our team-building workshops and professional development services provide solutions to any workplace communication challenges. Enhance your team’s ability to resolve conflicts, hold difficult conversations, communicate clearly, improve productivity, excel at customer service, and work cooperatively.

Our training is practical, hands on, effective, insightful, relevant and action oriented. If customer service, sales, productivity, staff morale and team culture are important to you, get in touch with us today to gain the unfair advantage with DOTS™.

When Can Your Team Be DOTTED?

Choose the timing that suits you best! Our training is ideal for teams of any size who are eager to collaborate, excel, and boost performance. While our standard DOTS training consists of a 6-hour workshop (either a single-day session or two 3-hour sessions), we appreciate that scheduling can sometimes be challenging. Reach out to us today to discuss your training requirements, and we’ll customize a solution that perfectly aligns with the needs of you and your team.

Get Started with DOTS Team Training Today

One of our qualified DOTS Consultants will work with you to implement DOTS training into your business.

They’ll understand your challenges, determine the appropriate solutions, deliver the training, and then support your business in creating a productive, enjoyable work environment.

Discover How Improved Communication Can Help Your Business Be More Successful.


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