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How to identify a Purple Dot…

Relaxed, talkative, loud, fun, maybe over the top behaviour. Listen for the words “I know”.

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About Purple Dots

People of this type tend to be friendly, charming and outgoing, quick-witted, energetic and irreverent, ingenious, imaginative and creative, curious, flexible and unpredictable, at times illogical and non-analytical. They are innovative and often think of the future and the “big picture” of life.

Purple Dots need the  in any communication

What Makes Them Tick?

This type needs the ‘what’ of any situation or idea. They must be pinned-down if you require specifics or definite actions. To ensure they finish a task on time it is helpful to check and recheck on their progress, even though they may appear to be doing well.

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Want To Impress?

Build them up. Tell them what a fine job they are doing or have done. Praise them for their contribution. Write them a thank you letter.

Getting Along With The Purple Dot

  • They are dreamers. They are great starters but poor finishers. They talk a lot (even to them-selves).
  • If you need to have a challenging conversation – questions are more effective than to “lecture”.
  • Let them know that they are a valuable member of the team when working well.
  • Be prepared to listen and offer regular praise.

Most importantly – The most important thing to this type is being creative, seeing possibilities, and always having new challenges. They are excellent starters but poor finishers.

Are You A Purple DOT?

If you have Purple DOT as your main nature, you will communicate through inner knowings. You can’t always explain how you know what you know; you just know. Others might wonder how you seem to know the things you know. In fact, you probably even respond to people with the words, “I know”. If you are strong in this nature, you are also aware of the future and can easily sense what is to come. As a result, you are concerned about the future and often think of ideas or create plans that cause yourself to think that you are ahead of your time.

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