How to identify a Yellow Dot…

Immaculate grooming, time conscious, coordinated clothing, detailed. Listen for the words “I see”.

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About Yellow Dots

People of this type tend to be cautious, conservative, quiet, literal, realistic, practical, careful and precise, logical, honest and matter of fact, resistant to change and comfortable with routine, hardworking and responsible.

Yellow Dots need the in any communication

What Makes Them Tick?

Yellow Dots needs the ‘when’ of any situation or idea. It can be good to give them instructions in writing. As they are very time-conscious there is little need to follow-up however, should they require more information it is important that they get it quickly and in plenty of time to enable them to see the complete picture.

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Want To Impress?

Do something nice for them. Buy them a nice lunch at a good restaurant or purchase a quality publication, containing quality pictorial content.

Getting Along With The Yellow Dot

  • Show patience and provide as much detail as possible when communicating. Always give them time to make a decision.
  • They are very time conscious so always be on time.
  • They can be highly critical (even about themselves). They naturally like to finish things and tend towards perfectionism.
  • Let them have their say, giving them time to respond. They are likely to complain and then explain why they are complaining.

Most importantly – The most important thing to this type is being of service, working hard, and being responsible.

Are You A Yellow DOT?

If you are high in Yellow, you need to see things. You communicate with yourself and others through seeing mental pictures or symbols in your mind’s eye. You are able to organise easily and need to arrange things so that there is balance and harmony in your environment. If you are high in Yellow, you may have a photographic-like memory that can therefore easily remember names, dates and places that you have only seen once. It is easy for you to visualise how an empty room will look filled with furniture. You can always see when a picture on the wall is not straight because you have such a keen eye for detail. This is the part of you that likes to be neat and well organised. Yellow Dot types generally love tradition. When something seems unconventional or goes against tradition, you may begin to feel uncomfortable. Yellow Dots tend to be very time conscious.

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